Indianapolis Attractions

Bring the family to Indianapolis, where you'll find plenty to do and see. Indianapolis family attractions are ranked as some of the best in the nation. Did you know Child magazine voted the Indianapolis Children's Museum the best and largest in the nation?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Watch the greatest spectacle in racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Round up the family for 200 of the fastest turns around the track. Ladies and gentleman, start you engines! Families start the fun at this attraction.

Address: 4790 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222 - MAP
Phone: (317) 481-8500

Indianapolis Zoo
Walk on the wild side! The Indianapolis Zoo is ranked one of the top ten in the nation. Located in White River State Park, it is home to the most fascinating animal exhibits and attractions. This zoo is the birthplace of the first polar bear in captivity. Let the wildness begin!

Address: 1200 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46222 - MAP
Phone: (317) 630-2001

Indiana State Museum
Uncover Indiana's secrets at the Indiana State Museum. Three floors of exhibits and attractions tell visitors stories about Indiana from pre-history to modern day marvels. In addition to learning state secrets, this museum offers a larger than life movie experience at its in house IMAX Theater.

Address: 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 - MAP
Phone: (317) 233-5293

Fountain Square District
Discover attractions, live music, boutique shopping, eclectic dining and more at Fountain Square District. Spend a day with the family exploring one of the unique cultural neighborhoods in Indianapolis. Unique is king here. So be sure to treat the family to a day on the lanes at the Duckpin bowling alley.

Address: 1105 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203 - MAP

children’s museum
Release your inner explorer, spend a day at "the best and largest children's museum in the nation" according to Child Magazine. Lurking outside the museum is the tallest dinosaur children have ever seen and inside holds exhibits and attractions that amaze kids and adults alike.

Address: 3000 N. Meridian St .Indianapolis, IN 46208 - MAP
Phone: (317) 334-3322

NCAA Hall of Champions
Experience the commitment it takes to be an athlete at the NCAA Hall of Champions. Attractions are interactive and filled with fascinating sports memorabilia and history. What could be better than a day spent learning about your favorite athlete?

Address: 700 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 - MAP
Phone: (317) 916-HALL

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Are you an artist or just enjoy the natural surroundings? Then come on down to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Spend a day touring original works of art, spectacular designs and natural environment displays. Fill your artistic pallet with colorful arrangements and mind bending graphics.

Address: 4000 Michigan Road Indianapolis, IN 46208 - MAP
Phone: (317) 923-1331

White River State Park
There is more to do than you ever knew at White River State Park. Located in downtown Indianapolis, it is the perfect park to spend a fun filled family day. Visit museums, a baseball field, the zoo, theaters, concert halls, restaurants and other attractions. Rent a bike or paddle a boat for a trip along the canal. Tired yet?

Address: 801 W Washington St Indianapolis, IN 46204 - MAP
Phone: (317) 233-24334